1. Father


    Sabretooth Clan / Endless Night Productions prides ourselves ourselves on diversity, tolerance and openness. Our members come from over 27 countries and every possible socio-economic, cultural, religious, sexual orientation and ethic background, this is one of our greatest strengths. As an...
  2. Administrator

    A Declaration of Sabretooth Clan Sovereignty and Independence

    The Sabretooth Clan is independent, neutral and sovereign from any other Vampire / Vampyre clan, group, coven, bloodline, court or order in the (VC) “Vampire Community” or "Vampire Culture." As a Family and organization we DO NOT represent the entirety of the VC nor do we make any such claims...
  3. Administrator

    Public Titles in the Sabretooth Clan

    Sabretooth Clan titles used in public (Outer Courts) such as Magister, Frater / Soror, etc. are automatically invalidated and are being misused. We do not publicly use titles anymore in Facebook, Instagram, etc. Titles describe jobs and duties and when that duty is over they shall not be used...