A Declaration of Sabretooth Clan Sovereignty and Independence

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    The Sabretooth Clan is independent and sovereign from any other “vampire” clan, group, coven, court or order in the “vampire community.”

    As a Family we DO NOT represent the entirety of the “vampire community” nor do we make any such claims or have any interest in doing so.

    We care only with our own internal and public relations, "Family" businesses (Endless Night Vampire Ball, Vampire World YouTube, Fangs by Father Sebastiaan, etc.)

    We will conduct professional, civil and cordial business with individuals and businesses who hold the same standards on a case by case basis.

    Of course individual members are free to pursue meaningful personal friendships with other individuals with whomever they like as long as that individual is not participating in indirect or direct discordance with the Sabretooth Clan.

    We are free of “vampire politics” and will not participate or engage in slander, debate or disrespect to any group or individual publicly. We continue to have our own agenda and own internal activities, meetings, events and affairs.

    As professionals any and all threats towards the Sabretooth Clan affairs will be first dealt with in a reasonable and civil manner, and if required dealt through proper legal channels.

    Sabretooth Clan has our own unique and specific culture, traditions, hierarchy and philosophy. We respect others have the same and may be different from ours.

    This website at www.sabretooth.com is the ONLY and official resource of information for the one and only Sabretooth Clan. If the information is not listed here it is not official.

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