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Sabretooth membership at this time only comes in one form, through the Rites of Transformation; which means one must get a pair of custom made fangs personally by master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan.

In the past, exceptions have been made on a case by case basis from 1997 to November 1999 (such as receiving your fangs in the Fangshop (at the Halloween Adventure Shop in NYC), but you should get in contact with us for a face to face interview.

Not all fang clients get a formal invitation to the Inner Court, as the Rite of Transformation allows Father to meet in-person to determine whether or not to invite the individual into the private virtual sanctum and online haven, the Vampire World Forums.

This process has been tried and tested since 2010 and we have only gained tremendous results. We have had people travel from Brazil to Paris, Germany to New York, Los Angeles to New Orleans and wait upwards of a decade to gain the opportunity for the Rite of Transformation with Father. As further demand grows, even the opportunity for the Rites of Transformation becomes more and more exclusive. In the future Father may only make fangs by referral from another Sabretooth or through an application process.

During their first year, Sabretooths are known as “fledglings” or "White Stones" because they are new to the Clan and often new to Sabretooth Culture. Fledglings are comically known for the “fledgling lisp” where they stutter when wearing their fangs.

Sabretooth Clan Membership Benefits:

    • Pride in being apart of an international “Fangdom” of others who had fangs by Father Sebastiaan.
    • Access to the private social network for fang clients: the Vampire World Forum and free iPhone and Android App.
    • Private Family only “Inner Courts” events.
    • Exclusive members only news and updates from the Vampire World Forum - Inner Court.
    • May obtain internal private Sabretooth Clan member exclusive books and articles.
    • May be selected for the "Order of the Flame", the official Inner Circle of the Sabretooth Clan for various volunteer and administrative duties.
Book an appointment with Father Sebastiaan to get your custom made fangs and an interview for Sabretooth membership.
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