The Current


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The Current refers to the group spirit of the Sabretooth Clan, which can also be seen as a living entity that is the result of the Family’s agreement, rituals, actions, traditions, philosophy and culture. Often the Current is referred to as the psychological and or spiritual “Blood” of the Family, as it is what binds the Sabretooths together. The Current is not physical. Rather it is made up of subtle energies such as thoughts, emotions, ideas, concepts and links.

The Current gains strength through the interactions of the members of the Sabretooth Clan. Each time the Rites of Transformation (fangsmithing with Father Sebastiaan) are given, initiation, rite of passage ritual, performance, event, gathering and tradition practiced manifests, fuels and empowers the Current. You can often witness the Current being invoked within the Rites of Transformation or as the spirit within the Endless Night events.

As the Current flows from each individual Sabretooth’s success and personal evolution, it is added to the collective flow of energy within the Family, which can then in turn be tapped by members. The quality and quantity of individuals in agreement is a resource that amplifies the Current as a whole, as long as the individuals make the sincere effort to invest their passion, love and loyalty.

As an egregore (Greek for Watcher), the Current is an elemental built from the psychological, spiritual, cultural and philosophical ties and is fueled by agreement, offerings, collective actions and recognition. Egregores can be born, forgotten and evolve. Ancient examples of egregores can even be personified as deities or heroes, entire cultures, and even living stories, mythologies and legends. Modern examples of egregores can the “team spirit” of a sports team, interactions between the fans of a superhero or TV series (like Dr. Who or Star Wars), or the collective consciousness of a corporation such as Google or Apple.

The Endless Night events have their own culture, traditions and experience and the Current can be felt there. Every time an individual goes through the Rites of Transformation they empower the Current by feeling the excitement so many others have felt before them when looking in the mirror for the first time.

The Current is invoked and amplified within each individual Sabretooth’s awakening and interactions, and empowered through Quest, agreement and application of Our traditions and actions.

The "guardian spirits" of the Sabretooth Clan are masks and personified characters known as Zoa, similar to Loa in Voodoo or Saints in Catholicism. They include Kitra the Witch, Mradu the Knight, Ramkht the Dreamer, Elorath the Dragon and Fred Samedi the Host.
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